Homestay in アメリカ, Pflugerville

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저는 목사이며, 아내는 간호사입니다.
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Your Host: Youngjin
  • 子供はいません
  • Host does not smoke
Services & Amenities
  • 食事について: 朝食, 夕食
  • ワイヤレスブロードバンドインターネット (Wi-Fi)
  • 喫煙を許可しない
  • Full service laundry at least once weekly included in fee
  • 1 Bedroom, Sleeps 1 guest
  • 1ヵ月 of notice required to move out

1 Bedroom in This Homestay

お部屋#1: メインフロアー

Sleeps 1 guest

利用開始日: 現在


  • Beds

    • 1 × Single
  • Bathroom

    • 個別
  • Furnishings

    • lock on the bedroom door
    • desk and chair
    • closet or wardrobe
Schools Near This Homestay

Approximate distances are provided for guidance only and should be verified with the homestay host.

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